Environmental Services

Young & Associates Environmental Services practice offers a host of expert offerings to assess environmental issues involving indoor air quality (IAQ), mold and microbial impacts, smoke and combustion byproduct impacts, hazardous materials releases and handling, and other environmental impacts/conditions. The YA Environmental Team comprises industrial hygienists with asbestos, lead, hazardous materials/wastes, indoor environmental, microbial, fire, and smoke consulting certifications. The team also includes IICRC-certified mitigation consultants, accredited project designers, and management planners. This combination of industrial hygienists and mitigation experts makes YA uniquely qualified to assess environmental impacts and develop effective impact mitigation protocols and remediation/abatement plans to address environmental impacts/issues.

YA is an approved continuing education provider by numerous state insurance commissioners and offers continuing education courses, seminars, and training to clients nationwide. With over 125 lICRC WRT, ASD, and FSRT-certified consultants and numerous industrial hygienists, we are positioned to respond to environmental events anywhere in the United States.

The YOUNG & Associates Environmental Difference

  • Expertise: Certified consultants and accredited professionals with relevant experience

  • Integrity: Scope based on scientific analysis and industry recognized standards

  • Training: Approved continuing education provider by numerous state insurance commissioners

  • Simplicity: One stop for all environmental & building consulting services

* Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification


Successful resolution of contaminated indoor environments begins with knowledge of cleaning and restoration standards, building materials and the microbial processes that affect these materials. Through collaborative evaluation of restoration scope, building assemblies, processes and equipment, and use of ANSI/IICRC standards, many complex types of damages can be jointly resolved. Utilizing science and testing, YA is able to evaluate the most efficient methods of remediation, thereby assisting in moving indoor environmental claims expeditiously toward settlement.


With a nationwide staff of highly trained consultants, YA is able to perform timely assessments and provide preliminary evaluations, restoration scopes, and estimates
within days. As independent consultants, our evaluations are based on science and industry-recognized standards such as ANSI/IICRC, which result in less dispute. We utilize an open book pricing philosophy, which reduces questions regarding labor rates and material costs.

Eloy Cisneros

Eloy Cisneros has over 28 years of experience as an environmental consultant. His expertise includes asbestos and lead regulatory compliance, fire damage and smoke impacts, water damage and microbial impacts, indoor air quality (IAQ) and hazardous materials/wastes management. Mr. Cisneros holds numerous certifications and accreditations for asbestos and lead paint consulting that are recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and State and Local regulatory agencies throughout the United States as well as nationally recognized certifications for microbial and fire and smoke consulting.

Mr. Cisneros is an accredited training instructor that has conducted regulatory compliance training for industry professionals and presented on various environmental topics at industry conferences and private institutions.  His experience includes conducting environmental assessments to identify and delineate impacts and developing remediation protocols that efficiently and effectively mitigate damages as well as conducting hazardous materials surveys and developing abatement specifications/work plans to ensure regulatory compliance. Mr. Cisneros’ experience also includes catastrophic event (CAT) response and litigation support services. His knowledge and experience allow him to develop and implement cost-effective solutions to some of the most complex environmental issues.

E: eloy.cisneros@YOUNGonline.com | P: 925.580.1043