Litigation Support

YOUNG & Associates understands the critical role of expert analysis and testimony in the success of litigation matters. With a reputation for unparalleled professionalism and a base of expert experience spanning decades, YA Litigation Support Services consistently provides unbiased analysis across an expanding selection of expert disciplines. Utilizing their technical, scientific, and forensic experience, YA’s Experts partner with clients through all phases of litigation – beginning with the pre-suit fact-finding and, when necessary, culminating with trial. Our clients can be confident throughout the litigation process, knowing that YA’s experts will provide professional and articulate testimony supported by facts and science. Through the partnership with our clients, YA ensures that expert opinions are clear and concise while, most importantly, effectively communicating complex information to help attorneys, judges, juries, and all other interested parties understand the evidence.

YA experts are subject matter specialists with practical industry experience allowing them to provide opinions regarding both the pertinent science and the relevant standard of care. In addition to expertise in their respective fields, YA experts have extensive experience assisting as consulting experts and testifying experts in various forums, including state court, federal court, arbitration, appraisal, and mediation.

As litigation outcomes increasingly hinge upon complex and technical issues, clients can expect YA’s Litigation Support Services to assist in all facets of litigation, including:

  • Investigating, assessing, monitoring, and documenting loss locations
  • Issuing peer-reviewed reports supporting expert opinions
  • Providing deposition and trial testimony
  • Analyzing technical documents such as building plans and product specifications
  • Drafting and responding to technical discovery requests
  • Preparing trial graphics, exhibits, and animations
  • Generating areas of inquiry for technical depositions of opposing experts
  • Reviewing opposing expert reports and testimony
  • Conducting Daubert analysis of disclosed expert reports
  • Participating in the development of negotiation strategies
  • Offering technical insight during the evaluation of settlement proposals
  • Evaluating pleadings alleging engineering and architectural malpractice

YA has been providing qualified subject matter experts to law firms, insurance companies, corporations, and governmental entities for more than 25 years.  Our experts provide litigation support across a broad spectrum of industries, to include, but not limited to:

  • Insurance (Defense, First-Party, Third-Party, Reinsurance, Captive)
  • New & Existing Construction
  • Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Government
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail & Restaurant
  • Oil, Gas, & Renewable Energy
  • Power Generation, Distribution, & Utility Facilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation & Trucking
  • Consumer Products
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical & Refining Plants
  • Marine, Maritime, Shipyard & Ports

CE and CLE Educational Program

YA Litigation Support Services regularly provides in-person and remote learning courses for insurance adjusters and attorneys needing Continuing Education credits and Continuing Legal Education credits to satisfy licensing requirements. YA experts teach courses on topics ranging from “Adjuster Ethics” to “Water Mitigation.” In addition to a library of existing courses, YA can develop programs to address your organization’s specific educational needs.

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones, Esq.
Director, Litigation Support Services

Jeremy Jones joined Young & Associates in 2022. As Director of Litigation Support Services, Mr. Jones’ primary goal is to ensure that Young and Associates provides clients with quality expert services at every step of the litigation process. In pursuit of that goal, he has various responsibilities, including recruitment, training, business development, and strategic growth.

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