Surety & Construction Management

YOUNG & Associates’ team of Building Consultant Experts have years of professional experience and awareness in all the intricacies of construction projects. Whether it is providing Construction Management services or helping get a project back on track after a catastrophe or Surety issue, we assist you in bringing your project to completion.

Our services include evaluating & supporting the state of stalled projects, schedule analysis, on-site project clerking and controls, in addition to managing bid packages and construction processes. For contentious cases, we have the experts available for litigation support.


During either the restoration or reconstruction phases, YA provides onsite monitoring services to document labor, equipment, and workforce utilization, as well as validate progress and report any inefficiencies or obstacles. This service helps promote the efficient and expeditious completion of the construction phases.

By providing onsite monitoring, YA documents all activities and makes recommendations to help promote job site operation efficiency and monitor costs. We confirm the equipment and labor cost reductions when appropriate, and provide a detailed and independent audit of other critical onsite activities. These services help facilitate contractor invoice approvals as the project progresses.


When you have a project that is suspended during the course of construction, the first way to regain control is to execute a complete Project Status Assessment. YOUNG & Associates’ team of experts can quickly make a full project assessment, including how far the contractors have gotten in the project, how much work is remaining for completion, and how much money is needed to finish the project according to the original estimate. At this point in the process, we can offer a variety of our services to get the project back on track.


Obtaining and analyzing competitive bid packages can often be involved, and at times tedious. YA offers oversight services to manage this process for you.  We organize and divide our repair scope documentation into appropriate bid packages for different trades, and obtain proposals from the marketplace to ensure that the repair costs reflect current market pricing.  Our team will also review the contractor proposals for accuracy and completeness, and make recommendations for our clients to award contracts. We also offer CPM construction schedule services to either suggest a detailed repair schedule, or review proposed repair timelines.


The YOUNG & Associates team comprises of many project management professionals from the commercial and industrial construction fields. We bring our years of industry experience to your project in assisting in a wide array of Construction Management activities as needed, including:

  • Schedule Development
  • Contractor Selection
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Designer/Contractor Coordination
  • Change Order Evaluation
  • Payment Application Review
  • Schedule Review and Monitoring
  • Periodic/Full-Time Field Inspection
  • Contract Closeout Administration


YA construction experts have years of hands-on experience developing and managing construction CPM schedules on projects ranging from limited repairs to billion-dollar new construction. This experience allows our scheduling experts to analyze proposed construction schedules for reconstruction projects, builder’s risk, delay, and surety claims. Our forensic scheduling experts use the latest in scheduling software to develop detailed critical path evaluations, considering the effects of unforeseen changes in scope due to design changes, natural disasters, fortuitous and non-fortuitous damage, and other types of delays.


When a property owner decides to make a claim on their Surety bond due to a project facing financial issues, there are still many unknowns that our staff can help navigate. Our Surety Services include:

  • Payment Bond Claim Consulting
  • Surety Completion Consulting
  • Construction Claim Consulting
  • Contract Claim Disputes

Payment Bond Claim Consulting 

YA Consultants assist Surety providers in reviewing payment bond claims from subcontractors, suppliers, and labor claimants. We provide insight and expertise on contracts, construction means & methods, and fair market value to give Sureties the required information that is needed to make timely decisions on the proper amounts to pay on individual claims.

Surety Completion Consulting

We specialize in the completion of contracting services on projects of all types and sizes when the original contractor does not complete the contracted work due to a termination for convenience or cause. Our staff assists with the subcontractor ratification process involved in the proper estimation of partially completed work. We strive diligently to maintain the best interests of the Surety through the course of construction. Additionally, we provide on-site project management & clerking services, as required.

Contract Claim Disputes 

We endeavor to provide our clients with the most comprehensive affirmative claims and rebuttal reports for disputes that involve scheduling, scope of work, productivity, differing site conditions, and over-payment. Our skills range from handling work that is from thousands of dollars to several hundred million dollars.

Construction Claim Consulting 

To ensure an ideal client experience, we provide full-time construction claims experts in assembling affirmative claims. Construction claims may include overpayment, differing site conditions, added scope, cardinal changes, delay damages, and loss of productivity. This division of our Surety Services can challenge claims asserted against Sureties and their Principals. If the dispute elevates to mediation, arbitration, or litigation, we will provide strong support and testimony, consistently providing you unwavering expertise and support.

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YOUNG & Associates has over 200 highly trained consulting professionals across the country, with expertise ranging from restoration, scheduling analysis, project management, cost estimating, environmental services, and damage assessment, supporting our clients involved in property damage litigation. YA personnel are uniquely qualified to provide litigation support services on all projects, including major structural collapses, delay claims, construction defect claims, water & fire damage, natural disaster losses, builder’s risk, and surety claims.

In 2023, YOUNG & Associates partnered with Guardian Group, a claims and engineering company founded by Henry and Todd Bauer more than 30 years ago.  Guardian is a national surety, subcontractor default insurance, construction defect, and forensic engineering company that addresses the surety industry’s unique claim-handling needs through eight distinct service groups.

Visit to learn more about their team of experts and their service lines.