Visual Assessment Technologies

Drone & Thermal Imaging Services

Drone mapping and inspection services are a powerful new tool for site inspections. A thorough mapping flight allows you to capture hundreds or even thousands of high-resolution images of all four vertical facades of a structure.

Drone mapping gives insurance companies a fast, easy way of accurately documenting the scene, preserving critical details while allowing the process of clean-up and reconstruction to begin as quickly as possible.

With the use of drones, you’ll obtain the most recent, highest-quality imagery of your building to make timely and accurate decisions. With the integration of thermal data, our clients can have insights that aren’t visible to the naked eye, detecting issues earlier, saving time and expense.

Inspections services include:

  • FAA 107 certified pilots and visual observers
  • Certified thermographer/s for thermal inspections
  • Sophisticated commercial UAV equipment including thermal imaging
  • Systematically collection of high-resolution roof imagery
  • Data on the cloud and your team safely on the ground

Matterport Services

Matterport technology utilizes unique cameras to create an interactive 3D representation of a property.

  • Provides comprehensive loss documentation and a complete record of a properties condition.
  • Eliminates hundreds of photographs & measurements by providing 3D walk-throughs which can be shared with the adjusters/carriers.
  • Receives automatically generated Xactimate Sketch files on losses with unusual floorplans.
  • Provides a pre-mitigation scan that captures everything in its current state and post-mitigation scan to assist in invoice review of mitigation contractors.
  • Documents pre-mitigation, post-mitigation, to post-reconstruction which allows remotely located adjusters and examiners to have a better understanding of the loss conditions and repair status.
  • Documentation is possible without electricity, light or internet access.
  • Accurately inventories the contents within the structure, should contents be a part of YOUNG & Associates scope.

Drone Inspection Examples

house on a river

Matterport Examples

virtual tour
virtual tour